A.Y.O – I Believe Lyrics

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I believe you can do good
I see good in you
Even if your spirit and soul think otherwise
In your eyes I can see fire
You wanna go Higher
Oya mura si ise kilode to fin jaya
I cannot deny it, sometimes I feel so empty
And at-times I just wanna break down and cry
I know we feel alike, so when you awake
Just raise your hands
And say these words of mine

I can make it if I try
Even touch the sky
Believe me no be lie
Cos I do believe

I believe you got the power
I see it in you, doesn’t matter who you are at all
I believe we’ve got the power
To heal the Niger Delta
Secure our lives and give good food and clean water
Give the needy shelter
For once be our own helper
What happened to the
“Being ur brother’s keeper”
I know you think I’m crazy
But if u believe
Just raise your hands and say these words of mine.

The bud may have a bitter taste
But sweet will be the flower
So if anybody should ask what you believe
Just raise your hands and say these words of mine

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