TraQstarr – I’m Ill Lyrics

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Verse 1 [TraQstarr] Firstly, you do not impress me or match me/
I’m talkin the hardest but you only talkin plastic/
My doc said i’m too ill and nobody should test me/
I’m too ill for school, i’m class sick [classic]/
Tell them not to get too close, im about to blow up/
And i do it in the present, i’m the future, i’m a robot/
Dont rock, oversized clothes, so i can never fold up/
And i’m crazy bout the money, i’m sorry, that’s why they call me dough nuts/
So what, i may be comin for your money but I aint horny/
When I drop my bars I leave you in a maze, you corny/
Me i’m godzilla, i’m a gorilla but you barney/
And i’m like an ogbanje cos I don’t stop reoccurin/
I reoccur on every single track, i run this/
And i’ll eat you up in less than a second, i swear i promise/
Better be paranoid I want your spot i’m stalkin you/
TraQstarr, when I run my mouth, I aint talkin shoes/

Verse 2 [Tunny64] Okay, i-i-i tell you to roger that/
Flow wit too much swagga, can you copy that/
It’s broom beneath me, so i’m flyer than witches/
If n***az like yam on my dish, i fork em, b**ches/
I spit fire, but I aint talkin dragon/
My soul [sole] heavy, need shoes to drag on/
Money, that’s where I put my mind on/
I’m ghostridin cos I be in a phantom/
Like a bad video tape, these haterz always ejectin/
I’m too sick even hospitals rejectin/
You aint got balls playa so dont test-is/
I’m cursed with too much swag, even a pastor couldn’t bless me/
Haterz keep askin “hey yo Tunny, where your dough at?”/
I guess its like your girl, it ain’t came yet/
Been s**ttin all day and now my ass rougher than stained glass/
I put my d**k in your mouth, and tell you “take that”/

Verse 3 [TraQstarr] President traQ Obama, yea i’m goin in again/
Got game locked down, translation: we ain’t playin/
Me i’m from the future, understand we aint same/
Yea you kill tracks but, I can make em breathe again/
Yea, earthquake boy my flows rock/
I’m ill, you ewwww, your flows yuck/
Paper chase me, i just wait home for it/
F**k the hustle, and the money’s gon come/
Homie i be beastin, you shoulda never let me loose/
Call me 1988 when I pull up on Twenty Two’s/
I’m one in a million but I see very plenty you’s/
When I flow, the way i’m surfin on the mic makes a brova confused/
Yea, i’m runnin this, i aint no lame ass/
I put rap on my heart and the paperchase next/
Boy I make it storm in the buildin, number 1 is a beast/
But I make it calm in the buildin, number 1 is the peace/

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