TnE – Nkem Lyrics

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Nkemoo..Nkemoo…Uuu..Yea(2x) its TnE ….Yeeeh

1st Verse:
Baby let us go to a place where there are no more passes by… Shorty i will show you the reasons why i cannot let you go…I dont wanna know what people say or what they are gonna do…Cause baby girl na you I know oooo yee yee yee…. I wake up this morning with a smile on my face…Cause today na my day .

Pre Chorus:
Nkemoo tata bu ogemoo, biko kwado, im on my suites,on my clothes, i’m ready to go,be your man,i go marry today,to the sweetest girl yeah na today.. I no get any regret i no feel any pain cause my girl you so fine, girl i dont mind uuuu..yeah and u’re all i wanna know you dey make my head dey blow, i dey blow

Biko kwado(Nkemo)3x Biko kwado…(nkemoo) kwado biko(kwado)3x

Verse 2:
Girl i no want be number two,i no want share ur love too,let me be the only one that brings love to you,you you…Baby you feel what i feel and you know my love is real…Let me be the one you need ,you set me free girl i’m free ..Baby i go blow,if you no go show..this love you know its a love i cant let be fantasy,this is what i see,the ecstasy, u’re my one desire.

(Repeat pre chorus and chorus)

I’ve being waiting for you at the corner..I’ve being waiting for you all day..I keep thinking of you make you show now ..Cause i got a few words to say__

Sò gi (ka ma anu 3x) sò gi (ka ma anu 2x)
Sò gi ka ma anu 3x yeee
sò gi ka ma anu 3x ka ma anu sò gi ka ma anu

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