Tino – Gat Me Crazy Lyrics

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She gat me going crazy
Don’t know when I started calling her baby
Is it when she shake her ass maybe
Keeps goings like bump to bump to bump [x2]

Verse 1 (Tino)
There call me Tino Tino baby
I know am fly
But this girl she’s the flyers
Girl I wanna be your man
Like ASA
I can give you all
I can give you your heart desires

Girl na you I go follow
I will never quit
Cause am like Muhammad Ali

We will party Monday to Friday
Like it it weekend
And when the weekend
We all do it again

When she shake it to the left
When she shake it to the right
Make my body wanna go
Bump bump bump
She’s running through my mind
Create thought I cannot find
She gat me singing uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Verse 2 (Tino)
She’s getting me crazy
Ass go up and down
Like if it’s raining
She so fly
She putting on that jojoarmani
Ass like Nicki Minaj
Girls wanna snatch it
Ohhhhhh no
She’s the right selection
She’s so pretty
She’s not a celebrity
But still she gat more subscriber
Than weezy (lil Wayne)
She stays in her mansion
Gat her own phantom
Sauce kid her mentor
She gat all the thing I can mention
(Shady so fine I wanna make her mine
Ain’t stumbling I’m still on line) x2


Verse 3 (Kenny P)
She does the running
I do the chase
Like j bar
I’m stock in the days
I’m on a mission
She’s caught
On my radar
Don’t care if you came with her
I’m gonna take her
She stay fresh too deft
Like she came out from a casket
All closed up like she standing in a bracket
She said she like guys
With the PhD
So I hope I qualify I gat the pretty huge (dick)
Every club we boil in
We in the VIP
We don’t even need ID

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