Shex – The Truth

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Intro :
All your army, all your fighters, all your tanks and all your soldiers…
against a boy holding a stone..
standing there all alone. in his eyes I see the sun…
in his smile i see the moon..
and I wonder, I only wonder who is weak and who is strong…
who is right and who is wrong…
and I wish, I only wish that the truth has a tongue …



Verse 1
I found peace knowing everybody isn’t what they pretend to be..
Vodka to the kidney, I’m like f*ck it hence I’m doing me…
Enough with Mr nice
you want my help men, what’s your offer
I’m not close to the sealing and the galaxy is where I need to be …
Well.. clearly not where we use to be..
In fact check the profile we’re the ones who’s really doing it …
Was all over tv wasn’t funding us enough
we had to switch the program you know
how fucked up men is the industry…

But I’m not here to make it better tho..
I realize that I was born to do it differently with the way I flow God has blessed me certainly compromise i don’t have to, i will be what i was meant to be ..
But.. it has to happen gradually…
Even as a kid I’ve been the Man no one is stoping me..
I guess that’s why they choose to hate me instead..
But Should I get mad??
****Nah!!! Lets get money instead. Real!

I guess that’s why they hate me instead should I get mad nah!
Let’s get money instead Real! [repeated]


[chanting beneath]
Hehe … I go by the name of Mr and aaa!

Verse 2
My bro was like VD go ahead and check their tweets and status
no matter how clever they post them
they speak to be haters but they know what it is
I live to be a motherfucking saber eating their feelings for dinner
not giving a fuck about a niggaz for real!
Oh please give me a sec. Haters Maybe a minute lemme catch my breath
I mean You all say me what ???
When we both know you’re a bitch
Men Mr log of wood kindly spare my piece of stick
But you know..well time always being the best speaker
You know tic tok now the legend don see cars (legend seeker)
You go pea cock enter the place raise shoulder
We go flip flop with the chadder boy like a flipper
but still we out here like regular niggaz with irregurlar way of waking up
stunting with the figure they know
But I guess they only love you when they need to
Loyalty ends when the benefits don’t come through!


[chanting continues beneath.. ]

Fuck a hater I’m not where I use to be nigga …
I flow wit no mercy (messi) ball oo!
I dey feel like our Oba son ..joor oo!
Yea…I’m getting paid for every shit ..
Fuxk a hater I’m not where I use to be nigga…
Yea that’s what it is nigga…

Outro :
Just saying live your motherfucking life ..
you got to get your motherfucking hustle understand niggaz are going to hate you regardless…
get that out of your head that fantasy world where niggaz ain’t hating on you
you got to be grateful you need haters
what the fuck is you complaining about
what the fuck do you think our haters job is ?
To fucking hate
so let them motherfuckwrs do their Gaddem job
what the fuck is you complaining about ladies if you’ve got 14 women hating on you
you need to figure how the fuck to get to 16 before the summer gets here ..
what the fuck is you mad about ..
fellas if you’ve got 20 haters you need 40 of them motherfuckers ..
what is you complaining about…
if there is any haters in here right that don’t have nobody to hate on
feel free to hate on me sit back there and say my head ain’t luxurious when you know it is bitch …

pimp shit! pimp shit!! …

***fading*** I’m enjoying my motherfucking life

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