Shakar El – Orishirishi Lyrics

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Shakar el swagga
swagga music

anyi abiago with orishirishi swagga
anyi abiago with orishirishi swagga
puta n’uzo for orishirishi swagga
puta n’uzo for orishirishi swagga

Verse 1
Ofu onye anasi unu abiago
S.H.A.K.A nwanne anyi abiago eh
Ofu onye anasi unu abiago
S.H.A.K.A nwanne
when i enter destination is the center
no matter where you dey
you go dey see me for the center
dey representa Naija in the buliding
whatcha know about me?
am the king of amagu
know about this
ebube agu n’che agu
no matter where you see me ehh
i will be the ebubedike mgbadike of the area

[Repeat chorus]

Verse 2
Ti ga li ga lin
shakar swaggering
i make the susu people keep on wondering
how i do my thing
its original thing
shakar no frontin
me i no dey for long thing
no be small thing
so if you dey feel this gbedu
make you come make we run things
its a swagga thing
hiphop and reggaton
come to the center and shake ya thing
anyi abiago everybody don dey danciyah
anyi abiago everybody n’agba egwu
tibe mgbu eh
when you see shakar come inna the place
make you make some noise ehhh

[Repeat chorus]

Verse 3
orishrishi swagga
shakar el swagga
waka if you dont like mi swagga
shakar come back again
to entertain
make you dance again
jump around again
dutty wine again
you go jogodo again
galala again
signal the plane again
make you scobby doo again
you go kolo again
shake ur dada again
its a swagga time again
if you dont know now you go know
so make you no dey form don jazzy
make you come to this party
and get very naughty
kpako ajibuti
today na today ohh
shakar mo ti de
am not going anywhere

[Repeat chorus]

comot for mi road [x2] 042
coal city

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