Redkad – My Life Lyrics

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Verse 1
That night February 16th 1985
Mum came out Saint Emmanuel with the baby alive
She pushed a 8 pound dark skin giant from her body
God bless the day I came out of her tummy
First child so you know how much mama loved me
A trained caterer she would bake anything for me
Always best dressed at the party /as handsome as my daddy
So I got carried around by fly looking shawties
She made sure I grew up healthy and strong
Respectful, religious and intelligent too
Dad said son, work in a hospital
He made me read books the same way a doctor do
To cut a long story short,I was aje butter
Even though I had friends that came from the gutter
I recall i couldn’t come out to play alone
i was a pet mama forced me to sit at home

Verse 2
Started balling on the streets when I was seven years old/
Had my first kiss when I was eleven years old/
I recall, I would ride tire till I tire/
Made cars from wood cans and used wires/
We made kites and watched them fly/
Police and thief shoot n watch em die/
Mummy n daddy catcher suwe and football/
Those were the games I played when I was small/
We would play in the rain/
Cook with sand, climb trees/
We made airplanes with our bare hands/
I loved my childhood it was a mix of everytin/
I have been through war I aint scared of anytin/
I have seen tears I have seen regrets /
I have seen sudden death/
Rest in peace my sis Elizabeth/
(Whispering) Life aint always fair/
Cursed is the heart of a man that always fears/

Verse 3
In my town there is rarely light
We expect armed bandits to run up on us every night
There is nothing in my room just a radio and candle
Mosquito coil so mosquitoes can’t harm you
I would have the radio turned on n
Listen to it in my sleep and turn it off in the morning
Then I fell in love with Rap music
That very night I listened to Nas music
Started writing verses at the back of my books
My school notes were filled up with verses and hook
I wrote more verses than Christ disciples
Words play but I use my word to fight you
I would kick verses in front of a mirror
Try to imagine myself spitting in front of a!
We use to argue about who the best was
Modo, rugged who spits the best verse

This is the first five years of my life
I put my heart on a mic
I put my blood on a pen when I write
Music is life
Knowledge is king
I Combined both of em you a king in life.

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