A-Q ~ Ginja (X.O Senavoe’s verse) Lyrics

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I’m tired of rap –
Ok, I’m lying – I’m tired of grabbing and wrapping my fingers round the necks of rappers
Have em weezing and gasping for breath until they start begging for death
Last year I got married to the game but they still calling me ‘The Best … Man’

“No, no, nooooo” I don’t need no ‘yes-men’
Yes man, X.O, AQ: X-Men
Guilty of murdering every beat – who’s gonna arrest me?
I push the envelope so watch how u address me!

Last nite I had a dream:
Aki was standing on top of Popor – but combined they were shorter than my cream
Ray-J was crying- “X.O can I please join your money team?”
And a lotta fake ass rappers were pretending to rep Dagrin!

I am the G.O.A.T. – I do not ‘kid’ ya
My album will get em shakin’ – Polaroid – Get the picture?
Punchlines?? (Cmon) My double entrendres alone will split ya!
So DJ, cut this up, Lyrical Cutlass ni ma fi n ja

~ X.O Senavoe (2011) (All Rights Reserved)

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