Nneka – Burning Bush (Everybody) Lyrics

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Are u in a rage
Are u stressed out
Are u wondering what 4
And tell everybody 2 get out
U are in a good mood
Only when u are at home
U smoke so much of…
That u can not get along

Do u feel pesecuted 4 the sake of love
Throw ur hands up can u feel me
Do u feel guilty cos u are a victim of ur truth
Identify urself, can u feel me

Do u hide behind ur holiness
And make other people confess
Are u a teacher, not willing 2 learn
Or a scholar not bold enough 2 teach
Are u, are u the one
That I am very pleased 2 meet

Oh what I see this world
Is this life’s so bitter so sweet

Do u admit that u are part of this system
Throw ur hands up we stand up
Do u wanna face this pain and all this world grief
Raise ur hands up, can u feel me

Do u know the truth of our existence
Do u know we are stuck in these system
U can not extract urself
U are here, right in the game

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