Mr. Dawodu – Go Time Lyrics

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Lights on, its show time.
Turn my mike on, its go time
Flow so together like a co-sign
Swagger’s on point like a road sign
I only chill with the cool guys
the haters want to see me but they’re too blind
Tell dem make dem hate, man, I don’t mind
And even if they’re looking, man, they wont find…me
I’m spitting lyrics from a dope vine
My mind is like a page so I quote lines
I’m from the underground like I go shrine
I’m talking about the city by the coastline

So rack it up, shorty stack it up
Representing Gidi, you can call me the Ambassador
Yes I am the man, I’m the rapper that she’s asking of
Yes I’m from the land where the buses looking black and yellow
My head above the clouds, still I’m on the mellow
Extra ordinary swag, ordinary fellow
And this is Lagos music, oya omo let’s go
Let’s take it up a notch and elevate the tempo

Fresh music from the fresh coast
The music’s making waves like a jet-boat
Studying the game, you could swear I had a textbook
Put my lines on twitter, man, I swear you’ll get the best quotes
Haters make me laugh, they write the best jokes
Tell them I’m a winner no expo
Man, the truth is evidential
You can check the record, I’ve been running presidential

See my vision is on supersize
I don’t see no haters, all the haters getting euthanized
I dont see no other girls, baby its just you and I
Yes I live in Lekki baby, tell me where do you reside?

Big balling yes we call shots
OG, lowkey, that’s a must must
I used to be packing by the bus stop
But now my bank account sees traffic like the bus stop

I’ve got my as-gidi swag on
Fresh boy P, mi o tabon
Omo Dawodu, won mo pe mo bad gan
Farabale bi o se n hale pelu rap gan

Blast-off, I jet by Mars
Way ahead of you, man I’m the best by far
So don’t test my star, man I’m blessed by God
When you address me don’t forget the S. I. R..

Lets go!

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