Modenine- NTBB Lyrics

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Miss tokyo, Got sunrise into the occasion
I burn, she grind, co-operation
In controversy, she be whiling like no stations
She got a healthy appetite for cross station
Middle finger for the player ations 
Get off my DI
Covering ground appreciation
Mind deviations got me digressing
Try messing with the true essence and die peasants 
My fly jersey got them staring like they eye testing 
They need spy lessons
Flip up the bird action speaks louder than words, slap stick
And I don't give a tucki hole if you hating my rap shi
One crack of the whip will make you back flip
For dosing on my slick hit
I'm coming ill at it Mr marcos syphilis sick dick
If you on top of my sick list am sadistic 
This your last battle dog
Spread you stretch you and touch you with canabroad 
I am the number one most impactful artist of our generation

Where to brazavich 
This the unstoppable dick
Banging out the g spot of that unfuckable bitch
Cord life, am really talking about your whore wife, you mad?
I wish her pussy would sweat
Beat down to the nana star
Your boo came to show ass am pulling up her skirt bad girl flow 
stick it out higher higher
The truth will set her free but she a goddamn liar
Now take it to the face like cinema and Jay the fire
Place the caya
Tap the ashes on a warm pop
Pon slop we farther flu is upon ya 
She did it for the fake prada and curits and conya 
Living in California, quick to dash down south
Super freak tied it all
Deag it on the couch
For the man looking fresh
Decked in polo ralph
Fuck her hard but never kiss her on the mouth
Cause this whores here are straight nasty
After the D like pistons
Feasting like Sunny feaston
Ehww,like Monica they knew before the pill
Sup till they jonz not for some high hills

I am Shake Spare in the flesh
Walt disney, nike, google, nw who's gonna be the mode DG family and stand up and let me create more
Or do you wanna marginalise me till I am out of my moment.

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