MG – Beef Session (Auchi Rappers’ Diss) LYRICS

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i nor fit lie my bros
na bad boy i be
learn work for three years
na straff i sabi
enter game
iron these rappers like kaki
swallow them like anakonda
forget nicki

like harry song
i be better pikin
but fuck with me
burst your head with heinekin
cause i dey vex
like dog wey newly born
when kala start to pop
even cripple dey run

afar Gideon
you nor dey when these men show
the other day for bank
wey we go withdraw doe
AK47 dey splash like water
before i know wetin xup
i don dey gutter

when i try peep
flying bullet almost nack
me nor fit do anything
fight or attack
unto say men
be nor dey with tools
them reach 30
by the way na just we two yeah!!!

4get food
i dey chop rappers like knockle
you wan ball
better tighten up your buckle
trouble be like hand-kick
e nor dey hard me start
you eff with me
boys go spread you like mat


these rappers to suck
like twins wey dey beast feed
so i dey spread dem anyhow
like grains for field
i dey withdraw rappers
like money wey dey bank
because i be like river
while the rest na tank

i dey always dey well
like fetching bucket
bury thse rappers
Gideon where the casket
dem say hip-hop don kpeff
jazzkid we be ghost
dem dey take shot
like say we na goal post

abeg abeg
fre me make i yarn my mind
ven cassave engine
know say we dey grind
the kind rapper wey i be
you nor fit define
i dey raw
like gas wey dem no refine

All these other artist
dey decieve dem self
dem never make one naira
them dey hype themselves
wear chains sag jeans
begin fool themselves
diss me
na there you go kil yourself

crew with 10 artists
dey form management
meanwhile you broke
you can’t even pay your rent
money make you suppose gather
take buy food wack
the idiot go enter studio
go do wack track

i dey advice una
you go still blunt
even if dem give you sharpener
go learn work
mechanic or carpenter
or you travel back village
go do hunte

me na tutor
better bring your chalk and slate
make i leacture your
before e go too late
you even thank God
say yu hear rappers like me
wey teach you
some idiot go stll dislike me.

if nor be class 1
na which stidio con de this town
i no say if them
hear am surely dem go frawn
but the truth
na wetin i suppose talk
you like vex or no vex
i don’t give a fuck

and as for all those
wack auchi rappers
stop music
go turn palm wine tapper
the kind songs una dey do
nor dey make sense
you lack knowledge
go secondary school first

rappers wey broke
na pile pocket dem dey eat
go enter booth
dey halla-mehn we hae made it
who you con dey fool
yourself or your crew
you never see rice
you dey order for stew

the last thing me go yarn
no let me catch you
cause if i do
i go pluck you down like cashew
all those etsako rappers
na child abuse
the beef don start
challange – no refuse

i dey smatch rappers
like tennis for court
you nor dey fear
open mouth say i fuck up
even jazzy for mavins
know am a don
i know say this track too long
with this verse am done

but before i round off
wait make i yarn
fry all these rappers
Jay-D wey fry pan
na me be Mg
call me class 1 finest
murder etsako rappers
who is the next

why Mg dey provoke
many don ask me
these rappers won use music
take tire me
na my mind i dey pour
4get champagne
when i show
like olu rappers deymaintain

Afile born me well
so i gat prove my birth
i build house
give rappers room for improvement
even if the whole auchi
decide to beef me
MG no run
oluwa still dey with me

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