MG – Beast Rage

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It’s your boy M to the Gee
Am going in.


omo i dey vex
i dey vex
i or dey look face,
you wan test me ba
shey shey you don dey craze,
na me be the boss
i carry you for hand like brief case,
go ask any lawyer
e go tell y ou me na big case.

my flows be like lakpa lakpa
the way e take dey scatter head,
i make dem rest in peace
while my tongue just dey spread the bed,
i no need marley
for me to light you any how like bob…./bulb/
even if i be ceam
me and this rapers nor go fit rob,

i enter the game,
cripple rappers lke Ayefele
dem dey for fat
i less dem any how like felele,
my flows don to craze guy
doctor batch reect am,
if you dey sick
bring your yash come make i inject am

i give the rappers black faze
like that plantashun boy,
blowanyhow like stbilizer
with wrng coil
rapers they claim class
while MG just dey lecture dem,
like say dem dey work for me
see as i dey fire dem


i get first aid box
na furck up i dey treat,
wound dem like paient wey dem discharge
so dem go re-treat,
mhn no time for siliva
na flows i dey spit bros,
when i come bros
like dat soap better get lost (lux)

mehn i dey scatter ground
like fowl wey wan lay egg,
to hang your babe like plasma
in no go need peg,
omo Afile
God forbid say i go dull,
am up like the roof
rappers dey down like the floor.

Rappers sa dem dem dey ball
while me just de coach dem,
dem be like finish line
so i dey run enter them
i be like poison
so nobody fit test me
give them RIP like udertaker for wrestling,

the way i go take blow
dem fit use me do fan,
fly anyhow
some of then dey call me peter pan,
when i spit my flow
dey kill pass ebola virus
my flow heavy
while you own light like miley cyrus

them say time na cash
so i dey try to go get wrist watch,
still i nor get your time
like say i lost your wrist watch,
my flows no short
e long pass giraff neck,
the way i take dey play rappers
e be like say dem be deck

fuck with me
i blow your light out candle,
girls follow me
like say i be twitter handle,
Auchi rappers dey my feet
like a sandle,
your girlfriend wan kpansh
she calls me her eminado

if hip-hop na brain
na me e for dey crack
like nacked wire weybreach
guy my head dey spack
am all abouth my green
some dey call me shrek
i make rappers broke anyhow
like person wey wreck.

i dey change colour
like cameleon wey near rainbow,
shake you anyhow
like light wey no dey stable,
i get more trashes
dan your grand papa cable
pluck the bamboo
then turn you to disable

my shit heavy
your own light pass bleaching cream,
my flow real
your own fake like say you dey dream
i dey everywhere you go
like MTN sim
your battery low
e be like say your flow don dey dim

you no pause my guy
bu i fit play you,
you mo be ashawo
but still i fit blow you
i no fit lie bros
this beat no be bed,
i see vission pass
this your fucking eye led

i dey hammer everywhere
like carpenter wey blind,
i no fit run
even if all of una combine,
Auchi rappers like tooth pick
e no go hard me break,
my spit venomous
Gideon self dey call me snake

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