M.I – My Head My Belle Lyrics

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My belle o, my head o (4x)

Verse 1
Mommy don’t cry
Imma make sure you say we no die
Imma go hussle and we go try
Hunger hook man for neck, shey na bowtie
Whatever it takes, me I no shy
If na heaven food dey, make we go sky
E better now make I sit down, make I no try
I go even buy ticket make we both fly
Mama, if it means say, make I turn slave, kuta kente
Anything just to make clean pay
you never see food chop since Wednesday
Make I wash car, sell gala, shine shoe
Shey na work, anything I no mind do
I go do better work, even times two
Cos it’s not easy, it’s not easy, it’s not easy

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 2
Chale, no vex
Anything for your boys, make we go flex
No work make we do, so no cheques
Aaah We sef wan rock Rolex
Do something for your boys, we are loyal
You be king, you be chief, you be royal
Alaiye you go scatter them total
International star, no be local
eh ha

If we get work, wey go bring better food make we take chop
No be road we for stand, we for dey shop
If for say things connect like we network
If for say school fees dey, we for dey class
You sef no say warri no dey carry last
But as things dey na, we no fit chop grass
At all at all, nah him bad pass

(Repeat chorus)

Naija people, just surviving
Okada riding, police bribing
Pastor preaching, pay your tithings
School fees paying, food providing
Impure water, no electric

So much traffic, see the life is hectic
Sewage leaking, there’s air pollution
Rats are everywhere, no solution
Roads with potholes, people dying
All the bastards politicians lying
University, degree pursuing
Fuel scarcity, people queuing
Black market, petrol impurity
Armed robbery, there’s no security
Fuel prices, Niger delta
Religious crisis, then no shelter

Verse 3
Oga stop there
Abi u never see road block here
Na we be the police search and stop here
If you wan pass son gotta drop here
U no dey see gun abi u no well
If you form actor, u go go cell
See behind counter, no be hotel
You go do 3 nights before u go bail
But if you want move
You sef know wetin you suppose do
Do am quick quick make I no expose you
Nyem something make I hold or I’ll hold you
Hey Sergeant Collins, make you come check
Search am quick, search him bag and him pocket
Any exhibit wey we come get
Then alarm go blow on una trumpet

(Repeat chorus till fade)

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