Keziah Jones – The Wisdom Behind The Smile (Ca$h) Lyrics

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I was standing
On one of the Seine bridges
Saying goodbye to
Lydia Tracy
When the news broke
That we had been used + abused
Since money began
To some its kinda rude
To refuse
The bootleg version
Of an act of love
Blufunk individuals
Can change that phrase to bribery
Change that phrase to bribery
Change that phrase
Because the wisdom
Behind the smile
Is called “Cash”
I know that money lies to me
It’s freedom on paper
But nobody’s free
You know it’s gonna kill for me
To see so many people diggin
“The bootleg version”
Money bleeds
Greed is a need
Only to those
Only to those
Only to those you can’t afford it
They’re diggin the bootleg version

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