Johnbosco – My First Girl Lyrics

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Thryces production, Johnbosco in the building (yee hee)

Myyyyy, my girl u’re my first……… U’re my first……… U’re my first…….. Girl

You gonna be my first girl….
You gonna be my first girl…..
You gonna be my angel….
My first girl….
My first girl….
My first girl….
My first love

Girl you gonna be my first,
u’re my baby,
girl u’re my love
u’re my lover,
you will be the mother of my child,
your word is my word,
your pain is my pain,
i know you care for me baby,
what ever you want,
what ever you need,
just ask me
am gonna provide,
it’s a promise between us,
you’re my angel
girl u’re my love (u’re my life)
my first love.


My girl listen to me
listen to me
if God bless you
God has bless me
no matter how hard
am still there for you (mowa, mowa bi ako ibon)
girl give me your love
give me your heart
out of millions of girls
u’re the angel have ever seen
i just wanna let you know that
u’re so precious to meu’re like a gold in my hand
my first love…..
my first girl.


(Yee) my love, when i look into your eye, i see my love flowing like a river, you my life, without you my life is incomplete, i want you to give me your heart, then you will be mine forever and ever,
Please my love.

Honey you’re my first girl
you’re my first love
the day i met you
was the happiest day of my life
let me ask you this question
did you love me girl?
I want to know
girl tell me
so that i will no truely you love me
my heart is full with your love (with your love)
i will never, never let you down (never let you down) my first girl…..
my first love…..
u’re my first love.


Yee, Johnbosco sco sco sco a.k.a J.B a.k.a Swagger boy a.k.a J.B,
G’deeque on the beat,
Thryces production Yee hee…..
Kenzo baba i see you,
Scoppy doo,
Isreal (Yee hee), you too much.

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