J.Ice – Shuttin’ It Down Lyrics

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Verse I
So raise your hands we shuttin’ it
Lick-i-lick flows like the bars be chocolate
Fold to be seven as we move to recirculate
And you can’t stop the raid coz we move so immaculate
And these are mean ambitions of a king
Mr Never-Go-Wack, definition of a stain
And you would never wash me, surely ascertain
I’ma pulla lotta strings if you doing as a teen
Yes they acting monniker, shit if you didn’t know
J’s effing logical,flow so phenomenal
Take it to the limits and me leave it outstreched
Making love to the winnings, I be doing now..betch
Far fetched so me is a far best
Yea applaud to the art cos me doing ma sketch
Just reperch and give a nigga deal
Come along with a hella milla bill
I be shuttin’ it down

We shuttin’ it down (x8)

Verse II:
We shuttin’ it down yea today and tomorrow and the next
Look around there’s no hollow so my guy no dey vex
Me gunning for the V, all they do is confess
‘He be digging it deep’, but that is why i come first
Contest and you can get killed
Turn the J to an S, see the superman skill
Late confirmation, sorry no feel
It’s okay that’s why i’m raps pokerman still
I do it for the glory on ma neck
Kilo’s on ma side, i’ma co it on ma next
Ma army still strong, i’ma loius off the jerks
It’s no swinging it low now i’m doing upperdecks
Now best, I’m soon to often check
Why you try strike a balance, I’m living off the cheques
I take a best to the suite 57
No delay we in sweet nice heaven
Cos we shuttin’ it down

[Repeat chorus]

Verse III:
So when I say J.Ice you do the powerclap
It’s going down in your head ignore the showercap
I’m J.Chordin’ the price, it’s not a foul start
I’m just the king of ma game, no need to loud that
Now pay attention, I widen up the space
From any bro or sis or whoever wanna chase
They stuck with the disease but I’m Vettel on the race
Now I get ma Lancing on so I better up the pace
Ma steez is ever caded and ma stand is never faded
This gee has navigated so now is F the greatest
I know they often tell us that the top is suffocated
But now I’m getting jealous that is why i brought the latest
You get the picture, posing with the crown
Cos I’m loving every feature and I’m closing up the clowns
I’m never backing down that’s why I’m forced to lie not

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