Icekid – Outta Control Lyrics

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Compliments to my flow,
thank you and come again,
compliments to the dro,
got you up in heaven,
pumps on my feet, not 7/11
guaranteed fresh and the best
ive been blessed by the reverend
testin me boy, i do not recommend
from the start ill put yer career to an end

calling me useless but that was then
now i got power like my lamborghinis engine
and just thought that i should mention
these fake MCs getting served like detentions
flow fast you cant catch it
throw tha ***** my bone
now go *** and fetch it
the way im livin be so unreal
you couldnt even sketch it
and when you talkin i cant hear you
the reason is cuz i aint even near you

ahead of the game, i only see rear view
way back x5 they see me in the street and they say look at him he is outta control………
now tghey see me in theur street and they look at him he is here to rule…..

It’s only one capable, breaks-the unbreakable,
Melodies-unmakable, pattern-unecscapable,
A horn if want the style i posses,
I bless the child, the earth, the gods and bomb the rest,
For those that envy a mc it can be,
Hazardous to your health so be friendly,
A matter of life and death, just like a ethch-a-sketch,
Shake ’till your clear, make it disappear, make the next
ll explode your psyche, your nodes’ll get excited B
from the righteous beat, now sit back and let the mic speak
it might seem that your sheisty bright dreams lack reality
its too pricy and your skill is packed with fallacies

so listen up junkie, your demeanors that of an ugly monkey
spunky and funky like a *****, a ***** u must be
wit nips on rusty silicon tits that r kinda lumpy
youre impossible like seein bugsy and mugsy
bogues chillin in the rabbit hole grillin
accompanied by some old children with a horrible feeling
anyways i provoke healing, and elope with the ceiling
leave u hopeless and squealing for a potent dealing
choking on feelings, while i elope with the best,
you curse with the worst, first u need to open your chest

and i dont mean show your breasts, lest u fathom it
if ur a female i can imagine it, if ur a man then youre a faggot kid
chillin with your wack cats with plastic gats bumpin hanson tracks
lackin actual fact, its skills that u lack crackhead
see me im a rhymin bipartisan smarter than most artisons
harder than mose arsonists, and sharper than the hardest rig
its not hard to spit, to rhyme artistic, chime w/ spliff lit
lets keep it exquisite, stray away from the explicit
wishes, dirty dishes, curvy *****es, and murder stitches
it must hurt when i spit this, i urge u to sip this
glass of wisdom to help u blast passed the system

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