Iceboi ft Freshboi – Swag and Dopeness (Freestyle) Lyrics

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Dz we’re bouta do iz bout Swag nd Dopeness

Iceboi in the building making ground tremble lyka quake//
ma rhymez flow lyka riva,aint stagnant lyka lake//
‘Iceboi Noni’ is all bout ‘swag on point’//
‘Samklef’ gon say his ‘Noni’ is ‘Money on point’//
Ma swag rulez,other’z swag are mine’z subject//
Swags on point lyk am standing on a sharp object//
Ma hood guyz gon say ‘Icey swag e plum’//
I say ma swag is a
graduate,other’s are of first form//
My swag aint made of sand bt it rock//
Haterz sulkin,bt i dont gif a f-ck//
Take a look at me,ma swag’z real aint no fake//
U hatin on it is lyk puttin ur life on stake//
Notin cant stop me,the red-light cnt make me marsh brake//
All I wanna be is successful,aint tawkin bout drake//
Me and my swag is lyk a drawin nd palette//
Ma swag aint ordinary,i gart money in my wallet//
Ma swag so dope,dopeness level iz infinite//
Ma swag dont lie,datz d truf am definite
My swag iz d Bomb so kal me Bokoharam//
I also terrorize Wacksters cuz i rep WackoHaram//
I’mma RapVampire using wacko’s blood as slake//
I stand rigid on ma Ice,a volcanoe cnt even break//

ah ah iceboi a c yuh
Freshboi and iceboi kall us boiz unbeatables//
We smash wackos pack them in caton like butcherz working for dhl deliverables//
Wackerz get in my trap so there aint no remedy//
I make them a laughing stock a symbol of comedy//
Niggaz lay low they aint got nailz they cant hammer//
My flows got them dancing aint tokin mc hammer//
Lyrically my flows goes like leaves of a book//
My rhymez and punchline like chapters in luke//
I got more lines aint tokin about graphbook//
I picture ma haterz taggin like i do on facebook//
My flows dont stop i got my gear in//
Fresh flows like soles am wearin//
I shock other rappaz yez allien invasion//
Kanyewest in the crowd givin me a standin ovasion//
Bozz in diz game ah ah yez ogasion//

Datz wah it iz….We’re Dope nd We get d Swag…

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