Ibiyemi – Can You Love Me? Lyrics

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You’ve been talking all day
I made up my mind to just hear you out
Give you a chance to say what’s on your mind
But for someone who’s trying this hard…
You’re saying all the wrong things
I just had to let you know what’s up
Here goes nothing


Verse 1
Been listening to you talk all day
I’ve heard all you have to say
You’re going on and on
You’ve spoken now it’s my turn
Won’t you listen
I don’t need stories and I don’t need tales
I know what I want
I’ll tell you right away
I need someone to care
Tell me will you be there when I need you

Chorus (twice)
Can you love me?
Like no one else
Can you trust me?
Like you trust yourself
I’ve got lots to say too
But what it all boils down to is
Can you love me?

Verse 2
A million thoughts are passing through my head
Lots of wishes better left unsaid
Feelings in my heart
Cravings I can’t even start to decipher
You’re not the only one in search of something
There’s a tune my heart longs to sing
Can your heart sing along?
Can you sing the same song?
Can you join in?

Chorus (twice)
Do you understand what I’m talking about?
Can you be there when I’m down and out?
I’m sorry to cut to the chase
But I really don’t have time to waste

Adlib till fade…

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