Falz – Wazup Guy lyrics

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My name is Falz
Studio Magic, Whats Happening?
You know we had to do this one!
leave me man make i just dey bust dey go
I mean am when i say
dem no dey my class
I’m F-A-L-Z
Na me bad pass
They can’t fit in my shoe we can’t share canvas
they’re rap babies man they wear pampers
profitable flow
i can’t suffer
I will see more green than grasshopper
she will chase me
you cant stop her
but awon enemies
they cant prosper.


Dem want burn cable for us but e no mean say
we no go turn tables again with no D.J
same thing over again its so cliche
they trynna make sure
pe mo sise
Me i go in they dont know the entrance
flow wa yato there’s no resemblance
and i dey try move
dodge wahala
but they push me to the wall, nuts, Asala
still i spit magic, Abrakadabra
dem call am winch flow, Ayamatanga
dem say i be bad boy but that na slander
i just dey here dey dance my Alanta
im trynna have fun with Sayo and Sandra
dem say i be funny guy
all na banter
dem say my boy Fa’ when you will get Mrs
I say I’m a Player, I play the set pieces
Now they are looking down
thats a bad news
I say come on girls
a si le catch cruise
but mo yato si all the guys you may have met
me im the bigger picture dem be like wait-and-get
my flow dey chook guys
they are not as sharp
Its new school flow, its ajebutter rap
they so old-school, Apoche
dont hiss on me e ma pose
and no go think you fit e ma ro pe
well if you think you fit, thats ok
you are the boss
Im the actor

Nollywood flick
E reach part 4
sh’o ti blow tan?
sh’o ti wa sure?
Ask me again, Askor!
The boy is special ya! Mr Charisma
If you didn’t know well the boy is a barrister
she want chill, she want talk to the star
she no know another rapper that’s been called to the bar
but I no give her nothing i no drop any bar
she might fall for the money she might fall for the car
you know
Bad Belle guys dem too dey gimme trips
haters are Laali, i have them at my fingertips
My attitude to hate is lacklustre
My rap no go fail me, i trust her
but mi o hale, no , u might panic
Yea, your flow mean.

My flow barbaric
My rap too make sense, my sound na classic
though i dont understand you, you sound like Patrick
‘That is an argument – an argumentative fallacy that borders on the gen of fallacy competitio-principi’
sheb’ awon lo fe try me yet awon lo n gbon
ha, they make me laugh, Fuji House of Commotion
Ah! These guys too rude make dem learn courtesy
Im being truthful, they cant touch me!
cos’ im a Wazup Guy
call me Wazup Guy
Uhn Ya
I’m a Wazup Guy
wo mi Wazup Guy
Wazup Guy
Im so cool they are calling me Wazup Guy
Wazup Guy
Mo l’am a Wazup Guy
Eh Eh Eh
Wazup Guy
uhn Ya
Im a Wazup Guy
Check me out ehn
Im a Wazup Guy
haha! Ya!
Ehn! ah!
I’m checking out by the way ladies and gentlemen thank you very much
Yea. Peace out!

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