Eva – Make Em Say Lyrics

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See my life’s like a tape
I’ve been living fastforwards
spitting every clause tryna sell out this stores
beginning to feel it and really killing
em flows

but i’ve lost my mind now i’m thinking backwards
and having orgasms before there’s somefn inbetween
i’ve got this freaky need to make more
chedda when i breathe, lighting up my
steps like i’m on set of bilie jean,
tryna get my ass bigger to fit in these silly jeans

Stockings on my hand Add or
gloves on my feet
walk around with no shoes
hang my sneakers on my neck
now i’m battling with fools there gon be no respect

they gon be so confused when i put them on the check
this aint what you normally would legally reject
now i’m loving every moment wwhen i lyrically connect
the acceptance of this mind is what i’m
here now to reflect so
your best from the rest you gon wanna re-elect

i’m totally nigerian i’m proud to be black
i’m living like superman yeah you can call me clark
see errbody here talk about me on the block
and they aint got a clue about me
this is why i’m hot
and this is how i pop when i drop i never flop

On them charts and them boards id be sitting on top
be getting all these fans who gon be loving me a lot
feeling me really they gon be needing all my shots
i dothis damn good baby yes i’m a black star
you cant catch up id be speeding like in nascar

take it from las gidi and play it up in alaska
my mom’s loving this yeah and you can ask her,
you can you can and you can ask her
Donno what them asking for
i put my head down
and i let this all pour
these people want more yeah they want an encore

so i make em say
yeah i make em say
I go deeper than tampons in these misses
tell me how i wouldn’t last long in this business
came in so quick
had to pick up all your pieces

give you couple more reasons to keep
making dumb excuses
yeah i sound retarded i know you wish i really was
but i’m gon get the cheques just like billy does
gettin gettin buzz
when i spit you applause

its my vocals thats gon blare through the city walls
people got me talking till i donno what i’m saying
looking at me acting like i’m totally insane
now my brain’s feeling empty i dont even know my name
but i’m still gonna rock it till they know that i came
las gidi’s more harder than its ever been
I’m repping it

game’s on my call i’m the one
who’s reffing it
ears on the streets so when i spit
i am definite
put my words in rythm and poetry then i record it
my flow’s too tight no you cannot dis-virgin it
no penetrations allowed in this regioning
fuck anybody say what you want about me
your mon-orapping aint even close to getting rid of me

i get i get i get it and all
they really didnt see me coming i didnt even call
i didnt use the door no i breezed thru the wall
and i’m standing here now
yeah i feel really tall

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