eLDee – Cash Out (Freestyle) Lyrics

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Yeah we bring the stars out
Stay on my grizzy everyday spittin barz out
Till internationally we can put a smash out
And we gon do this until we cash out

Hmm i’m not smiling
Until i see the ch-cheddar i should be piling
And have a mansion sitting on banana island
Loius gucci prada in my styling

Been doing this ever since i was in kaduna
Chillin with kunle bello & ahmed haruna
I was a rapper who they say became a crooner
I wish the paper coulda come sooner

Yeah now there ain’t nobody fresher
I’m never under pressure
They couldn’t pay me lesser
3 hundred for a session 5 hundred for me to bless her
And no i’m never slipping my flow is sure to impress her

And for them people who be loco
Always puffing on that choco
Thinking they can match my vocals (no)

Though you’re not a heavy hitter
I can follow you on twitter
To get closer to yo sister

They say sanu you say kedu we say ekaaro
And if you got money to blow they say ekaabo
But if you got nothin to spend they say oloshi
Gbowole kano abi ko koshi

Im bout to be a bigger star than they can handle
So they be tryna rope me up into a scandal
But im already in a state of higher mental
You falling off is so coincidental

I chop alone because i earn alone
And yes i do agree that i maybe could die alone
My money grown i set the tone
That’s why your girl is always calling on my telephone

They wait around though they can hear the sound
The coronation as i step up to accept the crown
They try to shut it down but they in my town
So now they have to bow when i come around

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