Egbezi – Up and Coming LYRICS

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Raaa!… Okay!…


I ain’t fronting… I’m up and coming
my d**k is up in the industry and I’m coming
my style is cold… so I been told
old rappers scared of me I give ‘em running nose
The only real mc worthy of note is me
yet old gees downgrading like they don’t notice me
some say their shoe’s too big for egbezi to wear
I never put toes finish and the thing wan dey tear
Men! if the Pope was a lyricist
I would have gone to visit him
with lyrical metal fours…
show him I been sent by his father to take his spot
that’s too deep for y’all? I’m sorry I forgot
Let’s keep it simple… there’s no competition
this some bad boy intrusion
that’s not coming thru sean
see-you’re-a (ci-a-ra) lying b**ch if you say that I ain’t the future
…you can’t match my skills then you ain’t getting a feature
F*ck the best I’m the realest that ever did it
if y’all want trouble then anybody can get it
Most of you niggas cunning
fake a*s b**ches
but you front real like Nicki’s silicon titties
Like Terry G’s beat y’all be sounding alike
…just a bunch of imitators
with no skills on the mic
you just only wanna fit in
you don’t wanna try something new
like the black dude wearing number 25
in Man you
But me? I’m like the modern day Einstein
I’ve got a genius insight…
I create my own unique style
and I only f*ck with a few dope niggas
straf what you feel we the new school leaders…

I’m up and coming x2
fuck a hook…
I’m going back in… (Raaa! Ok!)

Something’s been f*cking with my mind
I think a thought just came
rappers that I used to look up are now sounding lame
they put out a new song and shit be sounding outdated
we make only good music but we not appreciated
you’re the reason these suckers thinking they rappers
you the type of fella who’d pick migos over slaughterhouse
you the type of fella who’d pick Gucci mane over nas
buh the last time that I checked hiphop ain’t about stupid swags
…Just a matter of time before you realise
I’m the flower in the concrete destined to rise
the Messiah of rap that pac prophesied
you niggas feel me I’m dope I should be legalised
Buh the system tryna keep me from growing
cos they know if they let me imma knock ‘em outta profit
so I won’t hold a grudge against you for doubting
as a matter of fact that’s the fuel that keeps the jet propelling
If you’re listening this is motivation
this is hope for every n*gga in the street with aspiration
don’t let nobody tell you shit like you ain’t good enough
don’t let these liers bullsh*t weigh you down you gotta get ur weight up
Love what you do…
be your number one supporter
work towards dreams and keep them from the unbelievers
people too weak to chase their dreams or get it in the right course
would always look for ways to deter you from pursuing yours
Buh… I stay strong and forward minded
distraction has been calling… look men I just declined it
I been fucking with patience skin to skin without a latex
wish me good luck or not men I’m giving birth to greatness…

I’m up and coming (oh!) x2
fuck a hook… and we out (Raaa!)

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