D.I.S Guise – Fimile Freestyle Lyrics

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In due time/
Let’s get it/
Yo, u can find me at my spot right here/
At number thirty adekunle village, adeniyi jones/

Verse 1
Fi mi le/
Leave me here, bitches gimme rear/
Get your googles on son, do you see me clear/
Get it here/
Guise the hottest in this hemisphere/
Brown skin kid, killing them look I am not fair/
Fi mi le nigga let go/
They don’t know the difference from a lizard and a gecko/
Check, Check yo, stacking chesse like its lego/
Owo den be’, wo on be’ bi bebeto/
Code red entertainment, omo wo ko so shi/
Out in new york city, chillin out on my soho shit/
Cream de la cream, mother(fucker) fuck a lotion/
Bout to blow up, boom, I blew like the ocean/
Now everybody and they mum, is a singer/
Don’t make me bring him back omo wo da grin/
Say hello, say hello to my little finger/
I don’t mind terry g, but what the fuck is ginger? Huh?/

E ma fo wo konmono/
Guise to phenomenal/
Slam em down emi gon nomono, dominos/
Rule like a governor/
Common in ogomino/
Dee jay lee ati omidon/ what going on?/
Guise wow a lai, mo le nu/
I be at the top tapping shit bi elemu/
Do y’all really wanna get up on my level?/
They 10/10 men, I must be eleven/
Ha , look, A mi no a she under G ninu Honda?
According to the lord, no man shall put asunder/
On my ninja turtle mask shit, kalabonga/
(gibberish) ti won si nu Konga/
shit pass the weed pass the ganja/

smoke that kush/
stash the joint from alhaja/
you know that….shushhh/
d.i.s in this bitch, hoe push/
throw that push/
add george on facebook/
so I can poke that bush/
funmi ni mic, funmi ni beat, am doing a mess mess mess/
doing it good, ruin your womb they be like yes yes yes/
diggity d, iggit I, siggit s, nigga the best/
spit it correct/
G to the U to the I to the S S S/
AHh! D.I.S Guise all day/
I bring it raw and rugged nigga call me paul play/
Don’t ask no questions my nizzle/
Still they be like, what the fuck is sinzu/
Then I be like

Fimile baby fimile/ (x2)
Moshe mo Baby fimile/
Ani mo she mo baby fimile yea/
Fimile baby fimile/ (x2)
Moshe mo Baby fimile/
Ani mo she mo baby fimile yea/

Verse 2
Fimi le nigga let go/
Hip hop, Rnb, Fuji, electro/
I do everything, peep here it go/
Am so special, so special, so special/
Am a, am a , beats am osama/
i , ama stammer/
Maga pay my money omo I must hammer/
I gatta make it omo that’s word to my grandma/
Am Nigerian, you shud know that am a scammer/
Fuck the grammar/
Bout to get it fast like ra ma/
Dan yes I can omo am obama/
Am the shine, am the light, look am the gamma/
I wasn’t born, I was made/

U can ask my mama/
Dope rhymer/
Hotter than the summer/
Cooler than December/
Many menaces members/
Question, am I incredible enough am i/
Any west African rapper, can get the semi/
Ghana most go, send them niggas back to tema/
Ha shuit, Damn I mean back to accra/
Taking Africa down, yeah nigga blaca blaca/
Yes I khan you can go and ask shaka/
And I beat the beat up/
I gave it a black eye/
Catch me on the web I am peter parker/
Make sure I spark with the green like blanka/
Niggas bumping this out in sri lanka/
So fimile let me go/
Mixtape dee jay lee let em know/
E jo e ju mi le, omo wo ko so fo/
Hungry than a mother fucker/
So am off to el pollo loco/
It’s guise

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