CDub ft LasBizi – New Day Lyrics

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Chorus (LastBizi)
its a new day
its a new begining
everything don set 4 me
i go de take the lead
make everybody de follow
everything don set 4 m2
e don set, everything don set, e don set 4 me *2

Verse1 (Cdub)
let me give u d lamba
stop with the drama
check my persona
boyz don de hammer
so i’m number 1, Goodluck Jonathan
nah, i’m number 1, Barack Obama
rock n i rhyme em
dunk n i slam em
do it for the grammys, do it for the mamas
do it for my familly, do it for my mama
do what i do, n i do it till i hammer
so let me entertain u
get u whatever is on the menu
fill up ur glass n we @ d venue
got u doing things that u thought u cant do
so let me light up a candle
too much fun u can bring ur friends thru
too many girls hoping i can handle
too many girls hoping i can handle

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse2 (Cdub)
i bad ba
u crown me the igwe of rap ba
if e don set for u say bye bye
to the backness and hatters
hi to the shakers, no one replace us
i good se
do u like fendi n gucci?
do u wanna act loosly
no sh** emmy ace on the music
and i once would say
no other guy
that slim, fly, bad, sharp brother guy
no! fresh boy, clean boy, butter guy
girl free me try find another guy
oh sorry! no other guy
d boy stay hot like summer time
make u want me now and some other time
bye hatters, see u some other time

(Repeat chorus)

Bridge (LastBizi)
right now im on the spotlight
see my light as e de shine bright
e de shine like the sun
bring the simbas and the drums
the tom tom and the gong
let it play, let it play, let it play

Verse 3 (Cdub)
hey, hay yo, hello good evening
tell me what u like
tell me what u believe in
when u gon come
when u gon b leaving
i am the truth
so its no deceiving
so i rock the scene yo
weather u de rap
or u de sing o
do what u like
it is not a sin
e don set so here goes my single

(Chorus till fade)

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