Banky W ft. M.I – Feeling It Lyrics

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Feeling it in my heart
In my soul…iwo ni o
In my mind…baby mi o
Iwo ni o…wa ba mi lo

Verse 1 (Banky)
I’m your soldier, coming over
Wanna keep you warm when it gets colder
Wanna kiss, wanna touch, wanna hold ya
The only one for me, it’s like I told ya
And lately, I’m going crazy
I need you girl, please save me
Giving my all, girl please take me
Say you’ll be my lady
You consume me, you improve me
If loving you is a crime, prosecute me
See I would do the time, really truly
You’re always on my mind, I’m your fool see
Ever faithful, ever grateful
I will never lie, I will never play you
And I will always stay true

Verse 2 (M.I.)
Come baby I’m going crazy but lately
You been wholly the only reason the morning wakes me
It’s about your pretty eyes and how they motivate me
Never forsake me, and nothing can shake me
Take me back to when I was looking for a fly miss
Then I caught your pretty highness, in my iris,
And you infected me there, I caught the virus
Like quick quick bring Mopo start the sirens
Arrest her please, she stole some of my items
My heart, my soul, my love and my guidance
It’s the real deal no faking, no pirates
It’s baba made, it’s no made in china
You are the finest, and your beauty is violet
I know sometimes my pockets see dryness
And my account is in minus
But I must, rhyme this melody to tell you that
I feel it in my heart

(Banky W)
I know that i know that I know…that I feel it….said I feel it..


Verse 3 (Banky)
You don’t need no umbrella baby, let my love drown you
Be my Rihanna, I could never Chris Brown you
Like Mike in his prime, you won’t get to round 2
On some Einstein ish, I can profound you
Haters yap, push ‘em back, further than my hairline
Money ain’t an issue, baby girl, I take care of mine
Your ex was an opener, lemme be your headline
Big boy money, yeah mami, you can share mine
Sip your very last drop, like my henney bottle
Have you on top of the world, like you won the lotto
I can be your seal, you can be my supermodel
I promise to lead, if you promise to follow
Feeling good, feeling right, feeling true, yeah
Feeling love, feeling life, feeling you, yeah
Feeling every little thing that you do
Baby girl you got me, I’m feeling it in my heart


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