2Rhymes – Annie’s Dream

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[Annie’s Voice]
Okay my battery is dead now
And I don’t wanna use my other battery incase they don’t bring back the light
We can continue this conversation when am back online
We Cool?


Yeahh.. Killer tunes.. 2rhymes uhn? Yeah

[Rap one]
Annie stephens she wanna date a real Guy,
She wants a guy to love her all she wanted was a real Man,
The real plan, cursed feelings what she feels Now,
Different guys same tales the story is right about Now,

She met the first guy is name was John,
John seems cool they vowed, they made a Bond
But John was a player & the asshole never loved her True,
He tryna gold digg and then make his way Through,

Many times she cried tears all Night,
Consoled by her mum everything will be all Right,
She feels bad right about Now,
John came back apologized Wow,


She fell for the lies again maybe he has Changed
John made the way in between her legs Explained
And never called again now she feeling so Stupid,
And promised not to love again Blaming it on the Cupid,

Two months later she met a guy from Ghana Mensah,
Telling her things that he Wanna,
Take her to her home she blushed like MY OH MY
2 weeks later she REALIZED the guy is Bi

I know aint fault but stuff she is Suppose Too
Calm with the choices cos this is never the Old School
Love aint a thing it grows after a Long While,
Then the feelings taking over and then you Smileeee,

Maybe it is the same Thing,
Then nothing was the Same
But We grinding with the same bitch,
cos the feeling never Came,
And I…. OH Tonight
Can I hold you Tight
She claimed I never loved her and the feelings over Now,
I don’t care what she Thinks,
Annie’s Dreams

[Rap Two]
Annie’s dream to feel love and Compassion
She quit the love shit for a while with some Actions
Maybe someday she find the Joy & Happiness
Its not about the wealth or fame…. Attractiveness
A Hubris, flirting with her best friend Deerah
She loved him so much and never wana let him Go,
But dis Mothaf**** is f***ing with em other Hoes,

That’s me, back with my pride and my Arrogance,
I never gave in now am asking for a second Chance,
A year later am trying just to get her Back,
But she with a new guy slamming on dis very Track,

I said Annie I be with you any Weather,
Forever, please let’s get back Together
She said no Never , singing on some Taylor Swift, Shit

Same thing…….
(With the same Thing)
But then nothing was the same
(But then nothing was the same)
We grinding with the same Bitch
(Cos we grinding we the same bitch)

Cos I… OH Tonight
Can I hold you Tight
She claimed I never Loved her so the Feelings Over Now,
I don’t care what you Think
Annie’s Dream

What you think
(Think think think)
Annie’s Dream
I don’t Care, I don’t care what you
I don’t care what you think yo!

I don’t care what you think
Whatever you think,
Killertunes , 2rhymes , 360edges

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