Lyrics: Segun_Da – We Made It

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the time has come
we show our love in a special way
we tour around
show the world we are shining.
you and me from the bottom to the top
we are refined
our love
is for sure
you are the life that i seek

we gone in
we stepped in
we shinning
cos we made it (x2)
we made (x2).

when i see your face
i know that you’r with me
everything it took
yes, we gave it
now the spot light
shinning, shinning
shinning on me
shinning on you
shinning on all
all the world
and our story is
making head lines
and our story is
filled with life
never thought we would
but we made it
yes we made it (2x).

they said if i tried i will fall
if i jump i will break a bone
if i sleep i will only dream
sanity won’t make a point
i never withdrew my potency
(oo) but i made it
you made it
we made it

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